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June 16, 2015


If they were feeling nice, some of the words my friends and family would use to describe me includ "determined" and "persistent." (If they were being less charitable, they also might use words like "pig headed" or "stubborn" ... but hey! Every great strength comes with a challenge.)

Thirteen and a half years ago, I had my first "wake up" experience as a student in a transformational seminar called Insight. I received so much value from the program that I couldn't understand why there weren't millions of people lined up to take advantage of this life changing work. This question got even deeeper for me as I left my career in Silicon Valley for six years of full time inner work with dozens of the best coaches, counselors, teachers, healers and trainings I could find.

Along the way, I kept asking the question, "why isn't there a line miles long, of people queued up to get access to this transformational work?"

Then as I completed my masters in Spiritual Psychology and decided to create a career as a life and executive coach, I found the process of finding and enrolling clients to be MUCH more difficult than I could have imagined.

The thing was, I was really good at business! My first job out of college involved raising $20 million dollars for two Internet startup companies. I'd sold millions of dollars worth of software, and had made and lost millions - three times - before the age of thirty.

Yet the more purpose driven I became, and the more conscious my work was, the harder it became to find and enroll great clients.

In fact, as I looked around, it seemed like the MORE value people in our industry had to offer, the HARDER it was for many of them to be successful.

This made absolutely no sense to me.

So, like a dog with a bone, I started chewing on the problem.

Eight years and a LOT of my own money later, I finally cracked the code on this problem. I discovered some deep and completely counter intuitive truths, and developed a set of proven programs which were able to create repeated success for myself and other coaches, counselors and healers.

I'm still a scientist at heart (ok...a nerd as well) and so I haven't been willing to trust that I really had something work really talking about until I had enough data quantify my clients' results. The last thing I wanted to do was become part of a pyramid scheme, where I was making money telling other people how to make money without them being able to do so.

And...the data is in. The programs are complete. The system is ready to scale. At our last Practice Building Breakthrough event, we had 85 people in the room, most of whom reported receiving life changing value. We created powerful breakthroughs for almost everyone there. A number of veterans of the industry described it as the single most powerful event they've been to in this area.

"Live changing." "There's nothing like it." "Miraculous." "Finally, I found someone I can trust." These are some of the things we heard about the Practice Building Breakthrough.

Then for the people doing our one year Practice Building Academy, more than 80% of our graduates are creating finanical breakthroughs worth at least three times their investment, and more than 95% are reporting receiving exceptional value.

The "third way" of building your practice really does provide a consistently easier, more conscious, more enjoyable way to find and attract terrific, high paying clients in ways you truly love. (As opposed to "hard selling" vs. "give, give, give...give up.")

The system works.



Could this event, or the systems and programs we've deveoped, be of value to you? I don't know...and I'd love to find out. My team and I would love to have the opportunity to get into conversation with you, to discover whether or not we could help you create the practice of your dreams.

Please, register for the ebook at the top of this page - it contains more value than many programs that people charge $997 or more for. Then if it resonates, please reach out to and ask for a complimentary strategy session.

You can also browse this site, or find out more about our next breakthrough event, at

If your mission is to make a difference in the world, by providing life changing services to others, my mission is to help you make a bigger difference in the world, by discovering a radically easier, more enjoyable, more conscious, more effective way of finding and enrolling high paying clients in ways that you love.

I would love to share the lessons I learned the hard way, so you can deliver on your calling, and make an abundant income doing what you love.

Does this resonate? If so, please talk to us! Try our stuff out. Rather than try and convince you of anything, I would love for you to take advantage of the different tastes of value we offer, so you can feel into this body of work, and see how it resonates for you.

Then if it turns out that any of our paid programs are a fit for you, I would be honored to be of support in whatever way I can.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be of service to you, and through you, to the people you are here to serve.

Love and light,

(Brian Whetten, Ph.D., M.A., author of Yes Yes Hell No! The Little Book for Making Big Decisions)

Practice Building Breakthrough - December 2014