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The Return of Selling By Giving

Annibelle - 9 months


Annibelle - 2 years and 9 months

August 25, 2013

Dear friend,

At long last, Selling By Giving has returned! We have two upcoming programs scheduled for this year, starting in October and November.

When Annibelle was born, I stopped marketing the Selling By Giving programs, in order to have more time with my family, and to focus on my individual and corporate coaching clients.

I'd like to say that my decision was all noble and positive, but there was another factor I wasn't so proud of. Over the past years, it felt like the whole "business building for practice builders" space had gotten really noisy. Suddenly, it seemed like I was getting 50 emails a day from people offering programs similar to mine. I didn't like getting this flood of emails, and I assumed no one else did either. I didn't want to be part of that "noise," but I didn't know any other way to market these programs.

I judged myself for this. Plus, my insecurities kept asking things like "what's so special about Selling By Giving?" "Why should anyone work with me, when there are dozens of other people out there, many of whom have much better marketing than me?"

Then as an extra issue, we had a lot of physical and emotional challenges come up in our efforts to get pregnant a second time. Last year was a tough one for us. Given all these things, it just seemed easier to pull away from Selling By Giving and focus on building Core Coaching instead.

Thankfully, Nicole is now 6 months pregnant with our second daughter. We're over the hump, and looking forward to having another beautiful baby (her due date is December 14th - please send light!) I just finished writing "Yes Yes Hell No! The Little Book for Making Big Decisions." And the newest version of Selling By Giving is ready to go.

So...I've got three months to launch two new programs, without being all "marketey," before the next baby cave hits.

In thinking about this, and doing a lot of my own growth and healing, I realized that there are two things that make these programs special.

  1. Learning to Love Selling. There are lots of programs that teach you all the things you "should" do in order to be successful, but most practice builders don't like doing them. Most people love serving, but hate selling. So they don't. Selling By Giving completely reinvents what it means to enroll clients. It shows how to turn selling into one of the most advanced spiritual practices I'm aware of. It turns each conversation into an invited gift. And it lets people fall in love with the business side of their business.
  2. Proven Results. While I kept looking for something that would be even "more impressive" sounding than the other programs out there, I finally realized that the most remarkable thing about Selling By Giving isn't me or some feature of the program - it's the results our graduates have created. The last two, six month Practice Building Academy groups I ran, just before Annibelle was born, increased their income by an average of 87% ($18,000 a year) and 221% ($43,500 a year). There's nothing in the industry like that.
  • "I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful world of Selling By Giving you have opened up for me. I have doubled my income since I took the class, my income is now regular and consistent, and I no longer fear selling my services.”

  • Nilofer Safdar
    Energy Healer

Over the last few years, I've had the honor of coaching a number of 7-figure transformational leaders, and building relationships with many more. As I've done so, I've been astonished to learn that less than 10% of the people who sign up for most business building programs (including the big ticket mastermind programs) create positive financial results. With these Selling by Giving classes, more than 80% of our graduates created financial breakthroughs in just six months.

So, I've decided to stop trying to "out-market" people, and practice what I preach - getting into real conversations with high quality potential clients, and focusing on connecting with the 50-150 people a year I can really help, rather than feeling like I need to serve everyone.

Niches to Riches, where you learn how to describe what you do in ways that cause people to refer lots of great clients to you, is a 4 week breakthrough teleclass, Oct 9-30. It's $997 if you pay in advance. No hype, no false scarcity. Just breakthrough results and a high level of personalized support.

Then the six month Practice Building Academy returns, starting with a live retreat, November 8-10 in Los Angeles. This program is $4997 if you pay in advance (or $1997 plus eight monthly payments of $497.) Plus, if you sign up by the end of September, you can join in the Niches to Riches program as an extra bonus, and get 7 months of breakthrough support for a fraction of what most high end programs cost.

This six month intensive has the strongest, most consistent results of anything I've heard of in our industry. I don't know of anything like it. If you're a coach, counselor, healer, or purpose driven practice builder, you deliver exceptional value to your clients, and you're making between $10,000 - $100,000 a year, please talk to us. We'd love to help you see if this program would be a fit for you.

Given the results of the last version of the Practice Building Academy, and the results my individual clients have created these last few years, I'm particularly excited to discover the resultls we're going to be creating this time around. We'll be individually qualifying each person who applies, and publicly reporting the team's overall results. Our best ever class increased their incomes by an average of $43,460 in six months. Will this group beat that record? I don't know - and I can't wait to find out.

If this sounds interesting to you, and you might be interested in being part of this amazing upcoming team, please register to attend one of our live, free webinars, where I can personally connect with you, share with you some of what it took me eight years to learn the hard way, and to help you begin to explore if this program might be a fit for you.

As always, your feedback is very welcome. I'd love to hear your thoughts, both on the webinar, our marketing, and on the Practice Building Academy.


Love and light,